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Chowberry Feeds 50k

Food availability and security are vitally important for the overall wellbeing and livelihood of households, however, multifarious socio-economic factors constitute a constraint to easy access to nutrition and sufficient food intake for a large percentage of the Nigerian population. According to a 2013 report by the UN FAO 13 Million Nigerians suffer hunger and food deprivation while 8% of the population is under-nourished.

Consequently we developed the Chowberry app; a technology driven service which provides an affordable source of food intake for disadvantaged demographics while also acting as a support service to organization working to alleviate hunger and food deprivation.

The innovation leverages cloud technology to deliver a sustainable means of managing shelf-life of food products for retailers through the automated tracking of food product expiration in stock while simultaneously streaming the same monitored products as deep discounts to organized partners who cater to low income households via location aware algorithms. Its primary objective is to reduce food poverty and foster food and nutrition security for economically disadvantaged demographics.

The #ChowberryFeeds5k campaign is a food distribution campaign to feed a minimum of 5,000 school age children and adults. The food is distributed as Chowbox’s containing 1000 grams of healthy food for adults and 500g for children enough to last for a week.

The aim is to feed 50,000 individuals with hope that the campaign counter of individuals fed

keeps running even into a million persons directly or indirectly by Chowberry while creating awareness for the venture and getting more stakeholders involved.